Which type of elevation?

We can easily adapt our standard specifications to your requirements, whether it’s for a basic right to light survey or a fully detailed and accurate representation of a listed building. Using a reflectorless total station for accuracy and photogrammetry for those tricky areas of decorative masonry we can produce outstanding results using MBS elevation software or AIC’s N4ce before the final drawing is delivered in PDF and DWG format.


The simplest form of plan showing only the outline of the building. (i.e. walls and roof outline but no doors, windows or any other detail)

Suggested use: Can assist right to light surveyors and architects who are building 3D models of the area surrounding a proposed development.

Partial Detail

Shows the outline of the roof and walls plus window and door openings (no fenestration). Drainage detail can be included if required.

Suggested use: Refurbishment, extensions, asset management of public buildings or commercial property. It can also assist the rights to light surveyor who needs to show the shadow cast by a proposed structure.

Full Detail

As for the partially detailed elevation but also includes other detail such as fenestration, signage, ventilation, surface/cladding types

Suggested use: Refurbishment or asset management of listed buildings.

3D laser scanning

GM Surveys do not currently provide this service. However it is a new and innovative branch of surveying that we are researching and we hope to be able to offer it in the near future.

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