Setting Out

There is no doubt that more errors are made in setting out than in any other branch of surveying. This is proven by the fact that if setting out makes up more than 10% of a company’s annual turnover the Professional Indemnity premium rises exponentially. The question is why should there be so many errors? At GM Surveys we have been setting out for over thirty years and, during that time, we believe we have perfected our own in house Quality Assurance scheme that greatly reduces the risk of error. We call it the TPC (ten point check) and as long as the surveyor follows ten simple steps the construction process should continue smoothly and without any costly mistakes or time delays.

We produce our own setting out plans based on the Architects and Structural Engineers drawings which are overlaid onto the original topographic survey. Each point to be set out is processed using AIC’s N4ce software and loaded directly onto the field control unit. A Leica ‘ICON’ series robotic total station is used to set out the points which is controlled by a tablet PC loaded with powerful software. The original drawings can be loaded on the tablet PC and viewed while setting out is taking place in real time. Any errors that might occur are instantly highlighted before the point is set out. As a further check the position of every point set out is recorded and downloaded to an ‘as set out’ file back at the office which is overlaid back on to the original drawings. If the surveyor has somehow missed a rogue point it will be picked up at this stage and reported immediately back to site before any damage is done. We have a great deal of experience setting out piles, foundations, brickwork, roads, drainage, concrete and steel frames using this method with continued success.

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